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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ESA Looks at the Ingredients of Life

The European Space Agency (ESA) analyses the main ingredients for life on earth and what it takes to replicate them in space in this video.

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Quantum_Flux said...

I believe that all forms of life including humans are "space aliens" because they all evolved in space or on various planets and moons within space. I figure that what makes something an "alien" to us is merely a matter of what environment it evolved in and currently lives. So I wonder, for instance, if spores were to escape earth's atmosphere for a million years and then reenter that atmosphere when that atmosphere has changed, then don't those spores count as space aliens should they have evolved elsewhere (like samanella has been breifly observed to in the space station experiments)? I wonder how frequently it was throughout history of life on Earth where evolution has exited and entered our own atmosphere, perhaps even spreading through our solar system too, or why it has not been observed (aside from the apollo cameras that were sneezed on and left on the moon)?