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Friday, August 20, 2010

Government Space vs. Commercial Space

The government space capsule drop test of the Orion in July 2008.

The commercial space capsule drop test of the Dragon this month.

Questions? Comments? Policy?


Rick N. Tumlinson said...

The plan to make Orion a "lifeboat" that comes back to Earth is wasteful, a dead end and in the end harmful to US commercial space and our federal space program as well.

It is going to cost billions to do what US private firms can do for a fraction of the same cost thus stealing money from exploration and science, and hurts the business case for our commercial companies to build better systems that can serve both the government and commercial customers.

It is also redunandant with systems like this and Boeing/Bigelow's capsule program.

Why even continue with this joke?

Call your congresspeople now and tell them Orion must be changed to a program that can help us go to the Moon and Mars, not back to Earth - we've got that covered!

Quantum_Flux said...

I don't know which one costed more, but I know which one looks like it had a lot less G-forces upon descent and landing.

Is it wind conditions that caused the landing Government capsule to spin out of control, or was it a matter of bad weight distribution and bad aero-design?

I wonder why both designs opted to tie the parachutes to a single point location instead of spread out in a triangle at multiple points (like on the endpoints of an inverted tripod instead)?