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Monday, August 30, 2010

Japan pushes space-based solar power

The Japanese JAXA space agency is taking the lead on the development of the technology while the United States struggles in taking-up the challenge. Wiki provides a premier on the history of the developing space-based solar power technology.

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Anonymous said...

One hurdle for Americans is the PR angle; when proposed in the 70s powersats were shot down because of the high cost and environmental concerns (microwave = oven!) Since then photvoltaic cell technology has improved 200%! Construction using robots instead of humans was successfully tested in the 80s, as was controlled microwave transmission of energy. As for the environment, most cell phones produce as much microwave bleed as these tested power transmission methods.
Maybe, instead of calling it 'microwave energy' is should be called 'wi-fi energy' or 'cellular energy.'How about it, America? Wi-fi energy is calling; will we answer?