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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Corbyn: Magnetic Cycle of Sun, Modulated by the Moon, Impacts Earth Weather

Corbyn is a man worthy of hearing? Perhaps so.


Quantum_Flux said...

Indeed he has an intriguing argument, although a rather simplistic one. His hypothesis might be on the right track but perhaps it will take a lot more fine-tuning of the details for it to be useful in making predictions of weather patterns and in explaining historical weather data as well.

What happens when the moon and the sun are in any other numbers of possible positions in their cycles? Also, how does he so confidently neglect the CO2 emission data when, in any good weather model, one should take into account as many variables as possible? Or, conversely, how do the climate change scientists choose to neglect the effects of the sun and the moon as well?

Anonymous said...

Quantum Flux,
Piers confidently neglects CO2 emission data as it has no causal effect on heating the earth as is claimed in AGW theory,rather increases in CO2 follow after increases in global temperature.Therefore measurement is irrelevant in terms of predicition

Think of it like a car (in terms of examination of the mechanics and cause and effect).Imagine you have CO2 representing exhaust,forward momentum representing global warming and the engine burning fuel representing the sun and its warming effects.We know that engine is running and pushing the car forward and the exhaust is not.It is the after effect of the running engine so why concern yourself with it if you want to know where the car is going and how fast.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...also dude a "GOOD WEATHER MODEL" is not one that takes as many variables as possible.It's one that is provably accurate in it's forecasts.No point in putting shit in there if you don't really know how it interacts with infinite other variables just so that you can say "Well our models are the most complex failures".
His success rate is because his model is not based on a lie, unlike Man Made Global Warming, which never gets it right but pretends it does and is just invented as a means of control.BTW don't get upset but