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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Number of Asteroids Discovered Grows!

This incredible video by Scott Manley/Armagh Observatory graphically provides 20-years of observation leading humanity to have a map of the asteroids in a number that appears to be growing by the day with the work of the WISE. [Above vid best viewed FULL SCREEN, look bottom left for data.]

Linked is more from UniverseToday and an important PSA message RTvid from one of the leaders of the Space Frontier Foundation.

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Quantum_Flux said...

It seems reasonable to me that there should be roughly the same flux density and average kinetic energy of meteors that enter Earth's atmosphere as there are impacting the surface of the Moon. What gets me is that there is such a large variation of crater sizes on the moon and hence a large variation of kinetic energies for meteors/asteroids. Furthermore, it seems from my cursory looking at it, that the meteor flux density on the moon is greater toward the ecliptic plane and lesser toward the poles, would experts agree with that?

I suppose I could hypothesize that a meteor or asteroid striking the equator is much greater than striking one of the north or south poles.