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Friday, September 24, 2010

NASA Monkey Experiments Draw Fire

Animal Defenders International, the leading animal welfare organization that works globally for the protection of animals, launched a major U.S. educational and legislative campaign to secure public and government support to prevent NASA from proceeding with irradiating squirrel monkeys to study adverse effects of space radiation.

The centerpiece of the legislative campaign is a compelling 4-minute video entitled ‘Space Experiments on Monkeys - One Giant Leap Backwards’ which recaps the prior use of animals in space research, cites reasons NASA’s irradiation experiments are flawed and premature, and presents viable alternatives to primate testing. The DVD also includes an exclusive ten-minute interview with April Evans, former NASA engineer who explains she resigned her dream job with one of the world’s top space agencies because of NASA’s radiation tests. Both videos are also being launched online as part of a major awareness drive.

Every member of Congress will receive a copy of the DVD as part of a drive to ensure the monkey experiments are stopped, the group says.

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Quantum_Flux said...

There might be more covert reasons for such a irradiation test on monkeys.