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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Asteroid 2010 TD54 Makes Close Encounter

ASTEROID FLYBY:: Newly-discovered asteroid 2010 TD54 flew by Earth on Tuesday, Oct. 12th, about 46,000 km above Earth's surface. Astronomers are studying the asteroid to determine if there was a change in the asteroid's trajectory from the close encounter. Amateur astronomer Patrick Wiggins photographed the flyby using a 14-inch Celestron telescope.


Science and Technology said...

It is a very interesting video. But I have a question. Why this asteroid appears as a line? Normally they appear as a point passing by the sky. Perhaps this asteroid is like a comet. Is it possible?

Vasko said...


The reason for the lines is that the video is infact series of photographs, each made with certain exposition (don't know the exact, but lets say 5 seconds). In each exposition (photo) the asteroid has moved. That's why there are lines.