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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Space Agencies Focus on Moon and Mars

Twenty-six space agencies from around the world will carry out a joint flight to Mars after the year 2030, says the Head of the Russian Space Agency Roskosmos Anatoly Perminov. According to him, all 26 space agencies have signed a declaration to that end to point out that it is expedient to make joint flights to deep space.

When answering a question about the solar system planets that will be set as priorities for the first joint flight, Perminov said that the agencies in question are keenly interested in the Moon, especially now that it has been found out that there is water on the Earth’s satellite. But the main planet that everybody is focused on is, of course, Mars, Anatoly Perminov said.


Anonymous said...

good news, may be there will be a new Council in UN oversees the activities of national agencies.

Anonymous said...

perhaps those agencies can divide the tasks, the ESA-Roskosmo lead the Moon mission(ESA,Roskosmo,and China and others); and NASA leads Mars mission(NASA, JAXA, India and others). Both teams can invest to others mission, but focused the hardwares for their own missions.