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Monday, May 09, 2011

China's Tiangong Heavenly Palace Reviewed

Michael Clark's video reviews the upcoming fall 2011 launch of the Chinese Tiangong or the "Heavenly Palace" mini-space station. The space platform is not expected to be crewed by humans until 2012.

While the Chinese are inviting participation with the space station project, there is no expectation for a government-to-government effort.

President Obama views China as a potential partner for an eventual human mission to Mars that would be difficult for any single nation to undertake, a senior White House official told lawmakers. Testifying before Congress, White House science adviser John Holdren said near-term engagement with China in civil space will help lay the groundwork for any such future endeavor, noted SpaceNews recently.

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majesticblue said...

Good video. Thanks for the info and I hope some forms of cooperation will move forward -- at least in developing a joint docking system to facilitate the rescues of international space crews.