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Sunday, June 05, 2011

James Cameron Going Around the Moon?

Blockbuster movie film director, film producer, screenwriter, editor, and inventor James Cameron has been reported by NewsCore as the most likely candidate to have purchased one of the two $150-million contract tickets to fly around the Earth's moon in 2015 from Virginia-based Space Adventures.

Cameron's wealth, earnings estimated at $257 million in 2010 alone, has the capacity and space science interest to do undertake a lunar excursion. Meanwhile, Cameron is working on a sequal to Avatar for a planned release in 2014.

Tom Shelley, the British president of Space Adventures, would not even disclose whether the buyer of the seat was male or female, saying the name must remain "top secret." He added, "Only 24 people have seen the dark side of the moon, and the sight of the Earth rising behind the moon must be one of the most amazing moments in anyone's life."


Anonymous said...

Wonder what his share holders think of this???

Anonymous said...

I think 6 billion people sees the "dark side" of the Moon on a daily basis. I think the correct expression SHOULD be "Far Side", THAT is not visible from Earth. One must go "behind" the Moon to see it.