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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Russians Nix SpaceX ISS Docking Attempt

The commercial SpaceX Dragon capsule will conduct a flight near the International Space Station (ISS), but docking between them is not planned. This comes from a statement issued by Vladimir Solovyov, head of the Russian segment of the ISS mission control center on Friday and posted on the Russian news site RIA Novosti in an echo of a position of 5-months ago.

Moreover both NASA and SpaceX stated that while a final determination has yet to be made – the private space firm has not been denied the opportunity to dock with the International Space Station. Thus leaving the flight’s status in a sort of limbo. This situation also highlights that the assorted international members involved on ISS – don’t always agree. There may be some competitive friction.

SpaceX, has earlier announced plans to launch its Dragon capsule toward the orbiting lab on November 30, 2011 with a historic docking slated for nine days later. The scheduled flight launch has too been placed in limbo by the delay of astronauts and cosmonauts being placed into orbit aboard Soyuz spacecraft.

Meanwhile, the Cygnus cargo spacecraft to launched from Virginia's Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport atop of a new Taurus-2 booster is expected to dock with the ISS early next year. The NASA consolidated launch schedule sets forth launch dates.


Anonymous said...

Rather disappointing.

Maybe if they put a case or two of vodka on the Dragon the cosmonauts will demand that it docks.

SpaceX will have to prove that the Dragon is safe but eventually they will have to actually dock to do so.

Makes one wonder what hoops the Russians want them to jump through.

- wodun

DJF said...

Since the US has not even officially approved the Dragon mission nor gone through signing off on safely checks its obvious that the Russians have not either since the US has to do it first before the US submits it to the other international partners including the Russians. The US has to sign off on the Dragon first, until it does so its impossible to get permission from the rest of the partners in the ISS.

This is just bad media reporting, plus tying to sell controversy