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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jose Hernandez Court-Confirmed Astronaut

Congressional candidate Jose Hernandez prevailed in court today, March 29, successfully defending the right to use the title "astronaut, scientist/engineer" on the ballot for Congress in the 10th Congressional District of California. A Sacramento judge ruled that Hernandez, who flew in the shuttle Discovery three years ago and departed NASA in January, 2011, can use the ballot designation of "astronaut" in his current congressional bid, reports the Los Angeles Times and The Sacramento Bee.

The law firm of Bell, McAndrews and Hiltachk filed a lawsuit last week in Sacramento County Superior Court that aimed to take Hern√°ndez’s profession as astronaut off the ballot in June’s primary, arguing that he was no longer an astronaut, notes the Patterson Irrigator. Perhaps greater details of the legal ruling will be forth coming and if an appeal is to be sought by the litigants.

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Craig A. Glesner said...

Excellent news! Thanks for the update.