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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Morehead State University to Launch Cosmic Xray Background Nanosat in August 2012

The Morehead State University, (Morehead, Kentucky), will launch the Cosmic X-ray Background Nanosat (CXBN) aboard an Atlas-V booster on Thursday, August 2, 2012 from the Vandenburg, California Air Force Base. CXBN will be a co-hosted secondary payload with the primary being the classified NROL-36 payload for the United States National Reconnaissance Office.

The CXBN nanosat was delievered to the NASA Launch Services Program in January 2012, according to LEX18.

Dr. Ben Malphrus, Director of the Space Science Center at Morehead State University and Director of Ground Operations for Kentucky Space explains the device on board the Cosmic X-Ray Background Satellite, or CXBN, that will register X-ray photons. The CXBN will refine the two existing measurements of remnant X-ray from the Big Bang.

The mission was selected in January 2011 by NASA to fly on the Operationally Unique Technology Satellites (OUTSat ) Mission as part of NASA's Educational Launch of a Nanosatellite (ELaNa) program. The Space Science Center submitted a proposal to NASA in Fall 2010 which was subsequently awarded, resulting in the flight opportunity on the OUTSat Mission.

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