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Monday, July 30, 2012

Orion, SLS: NASA Hopes to Explore Beyond

As NASA continues building the Orion spacecraft, Space Launch System rocket and a revolutionized launch site, we are now only a few years away from sending humans to an asteroid and one day Mars. With "Orion: Exploring Beyond" takes an animated look at what the first steps on those journeys will look like.

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Christopher Tingus said...

Kudos to the brilliance and American innovative spirit to enable us to step forward into the 22nd century and a new generation of an astuite and enlightened generation to see the richness and Glory which God has bestowed upon us!

At 61 years of age and seeing the landing of Curiosity Rover, memories as a youngster seeing Gus Grissom and all who followed portray the span of exploration to date and I am confident that given the knowlwdge and wisdom of dedicated pioneers, the men and women of NASA and bright and articulate individuals such as Dr. Peter Diamandis who dreamed in his youth of such exploration and advocating for just such achievement suggests that the next rover be named - Perspicacity -

Bravo! Your diligence and pioneering spirit coupled with your inherent pride in representing our beloved Republic and 'ol Glory, you have done well! More to come....

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