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Monday, September 03, 2012

Multinational Cavenauts Train for Space

The CAVES 2012 astronaut crew arrive at their base for the next six days. Andreas Mogensen, European Space Agency, David Saint-Jacques, Canadian Space Agency, Soichi Noguchi, Japanese Space Agency, Michael Fincke, NASA, Andrew J. Feustel, NASA and Nikolai V. Tikhonov, Roscosmos collect their gear, try their new clothes and... practise ninja moves!
On 7 September 2012 they will enter the 'Sa Grutta' caves in Sardinia and spend six days exploring and solving problems as a multicultural team while following space procedures. (Credits: ESA--V. Crobu and S. Sechi) The team will also systematically look for life forms.

Caves offer many similarities to space travel. Working in isolation from the outside world in confined spaces with minimal privacy as well as coping with technical challenges and limited supplies are conditions that astronauts have to live with in space – and underground.

The European-lead cave analog meshes with the American-lead underwater aquanaut research underway at NEMMO as well as the previous Russian-lead Mars 500 long-duration stay program.

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