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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Mexico Governor Advances Re-Write of Spaceflight 'Informed Consent' State Law

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez says expanding the informed consent law is important to keep New Mexico competitive with other states, specifically: Virginia, Florida, Texas, California and Colorado.
“We need to make sure that legislator understand how important it is to pass laws that don’t restrict other tenants from coming to Spaceport America,” the Governor Martinez explained to KRWG 22 News.

Current New Mexico state law only protects primary operators - like Virgin Galactic - but not suppliers of equipment.  New Mexico State Senator Mary Kay Papen says the expanded informed consent law is written and ready for discussion in the next legislative session in January 2013.

Meanwhile, former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson will be going to work for a California spaceport to help push lawmakers there for an expanded “informed consent” law protecting manufacturers and suppliers of private spacecraft from most civil lawsuits, notes the ABJournal.  The Mojave Air and Space Port CEO/General Manager Stu Witt, however, notes that the Richardson contract is now complete.

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