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Sunday, November 04, 2012

China Proposes Space-based Solar Power Collaboration With India via Abdul Kalam

Chinese state officials have proposed negotiations with India to collaborate on the development of space-based solar power stations during a Beijing meeting with former India President APJ Abdul Kalam, offering him a position to teach a Peking University.
The report from The Times of India notes, the China Academy of Space Technology [CAST] officials have shown "great interest" in partnering the mission with international collaboration for Space-based Solar Power initiative.
Yansheng Wu
"Wu Yansheng, President of CAST has said his organisation is very much interested to collaborate with India and Indian Space Research Organization [ISRO] on the space mission and would like to establish a formal initiative from both the nations," Kalam said in a statement.
"Kalam assured, certainly he will take up this interest to the Government of India and ISRO, so that a hard cooperation and collaboration between ISRO, DRDO and CAST is realised on one of the great mission, may be Space-based Solar Power initiative so that both India and China can work for long term association with proper funding along with other willing space faring nations to bring space solar power to earth," the statement said.
"Such a mission will be a great example for the entire world and will bring peace and prosperity to the both the nations as well as to the world," it said.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
China has invited India's "missile man" and former President to teach at the prestigious Peking University, offering him a lab of his choice to work with the students, noted The Economic Times. Kalam began his career as an Aerospace engineer and later became India's top guided missile scientist heading the DRDO, which recently has come up with 5,000 km Agni V missile which brought a number of Chinese cities within its range.

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Logan J. Skew said...

Asian Countries should go hand in hand to develop all together with super powers.

Solar energy program looks good to me, thanks Dr. Abdul Kalam Sir for your great contribution.

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