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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Commercial Moon Mission in Formation Known as the "Golden Spike Company"

A privately circulated proposal, known as “Golden Spike” and backed by respected scientific and astronautical entities, envisions the development of a reliable “Cislunar Superhighway," according to SpaceAge. The effort is said to include getting humans back to the moon by 2020.
The group has commercial space group has formed a Delware corporation known as the "Golden Spike Company." Many noted leaders of the space exploration movement are among the leaders of the Golden Spike Company - Alan Stern, the former NASA science chief who now works for the Southwest Research Institute, is the registered agent for the company, which is identified as a foreign corporation in Colorado state records, noted Doug Messier at Parbolic Arc and Clark Lindsey at NewSpaceWatch.
GOLDENSPIKECOMPANY.COM has a domain name registered to attorney Doug Griffith in Los Angeles, California, Tweets NASA Watch. It is also noted that Paragon Space Development, Homer Hickman, Wayne Hale, and Jerry Griffin are involved with the commercial lunar exploration company now formed. A formal announcement of the commercial human lunar exploration effort may be announced as early as next month.
NASA Spaceflight reports, "While this option remains on the cards, source information acquired by L2 this week revealed plans for a '“game-changing”' announcement as early as December that a new commercial space company intends to send commercial astronauts to the moon by 2020."
"According to the information, the effort is led by a group of high profile individuals from the aerospace industry and backed by some big money and foreign investors. The company intends to use “existing or soon to be existing launch vehicles, spacecraft, upper stages, and technologies” to start their commercial manned lunar campaign".

Stay tuned. Americans may get back to the moon in this decade, perhaps.

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