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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

North Korea Places Satellite in Orbit

North Korea defied international warnings and fired a long-range rocket Wednesday, the second launch under its new leader and a clear sign Pyongyang is pushing forward with its quest to develop the technology needed to deliver a nuclear warhead, notes The Washington Post.
Pyongyang insists is a scientific mission aimed at putting a satellite in orbit and that the rocket successfully operated, reports CBS, The New York Times, the BBC and The Guardian, quoting North Korean news sources.  NORAD confirmed the satellite in orbit.
"The second version of satellite Kwangmyongsong-3 successfully lifted off from the Sohae Space Center in Cholsan County, North Phyongan Province by carrier rocket Unha-3 on Wednesday.
The satellite entered its preset orbit. — KCNA, December 12, 2012."

More from 38 North and North Korea Technology.

Eric Sirotkin of the National Campaign to End the Korean War provides analysis of the North Korean satellite launch and the road ahead to RT.

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