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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Pyongyang Style: Polar Orbit Rocket Launch?

The communist state will launch a polar-orbiting earth observation satellite atop an Unha-3 rocket between Dec. 10 and Dec. 22, state-run Korean Central News Agency announced. Many believe the exact launch date to be December 16, 2012 (Washington time).
The Unha-3 rocket will launch from the Sohae Space Center in North Phyongan Province and put a "working satellite" into orbit, the report by the official Korean Central News Agency said and noted by CNN.
 (petersnoopy / Photomontage)
A “safe flight path” has been chosen so that potential debris from the launch won’t affect neighboring countries, KCNA said. North Korea will fully comply with relevant international regulations regarding satellite launches, it said.
Scientists and technicians have analyzed the mistakes made in April 2012, when the rocket broke apart shortly after takeoff, and have worked to improve the reliability and precision of the satellite and carrier rocket, the news agency reported.
North Korea had acted with utmost transparency on its last "peaceful scientific and technological satellite launch," and would "fully comply with relevant international regulations and usage" this time too. More from The New York Times.

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