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Monday, December 31, 2012

Comet ISON to provide brilliant sight in 2013

Russian scientists have recently discovered a comet that is passing by our plant and will be visiblewith naked eyes over the western horizon in the Northern Hemisphere in November and December  2013.

The comment, called ISON, may shine brighter than the moon depending on how big its tail will get when it gets closer to the sun. ISON is expected to draw millions of Eathlings onto the darkess to witness what is likely to be the most brilliant comet seen in many generations.
Hale-Bopp Comet over Giza in 1997
While the scientists hesitate to predict its behavior, the positioning of ISON comet at present indicates that it will be visible keeping a two million mile distance from the sun. Due to the brightness expected, the comet may be visible even during day time. If so, ISON will be the brightest comet ever discovered by scientists during the last century or more.
Comet McNaught over Pacific in 2010
Scientists speculate that the trip by our planet may be ISON’S last as it may plunge into the sun or break-up due to its unpredictable path influenced by the sun's gravitational forces. ISON is a two mile wide body made out of rocks and ice. It is currently passing by Saturn, and is gaining speed. It is becoming brighter day by day as it nears our planet throughout the calednar year 2013.

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