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Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Mexico Spaceport Pushes Legal Waiver

New Mexico's $209 million investment in Spaceport America is in jeopardy, unless lawmakers pass a crucial bill during the legislative session. The bill would give companies that manufacture, supply and build spacecraft immunity from lawsuits in the event something goes wrong except in cases of negligence. House Bill 49 and Senate Bill 63 have already been filed, reports KRQE 13 in New Mexico.
Virginia (2007), Florida, Texas and Colorado already provide the liability waiver, and other space-travel companies besides Virgin Galactic likely would not do business in New Mexico without protection under state law, it has been reported.

Doug Meisser recently posted a detailed financial analysis of the "(New) Mexican Standoff at the Old Spaceport" at the Parabolic Arc blog.

While another state may enjoy the short-term benefit of Virgin Galactic relocation should the New Mexico 'Roundhouse' legislature block the aforementioned bills, the damage to the NewSpace industry as a whole would likely suffer as states grow more fearful of spaceport infrastructure investment.

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